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beatlesgen's Journal

Beatles Gen
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General Beatles Fanfic
This is a general fanfiction community about the Beatles. What this means is that the stories and fics posted here are about the Beatles, but are not focused on their relationships--real or imagined. Stories here should not be sexually explicit and should not focus on "made up" relationships. Real relationships (such as wives and girlfriends) of course may be mentioned, but the relationship should not be sexuall explicit.


01.) Please label your fics, either using G, PG, PG-13, R or something like All Ages, Teen, Adult. While swearing/violence can lead to an R / Adult rated fic, there should be no NC-17 stories here.

02.) Please put embedded videos, such as those from YouTube, behind LJ-cuts or links.

03.) Do not increase/decrease your font size or change your font color when posting to this community. Posts that do so, even if only in part, will be deleted after a warning.

04.) Off-topic posts will be immediately deleted after a warning. Please do not promote your non-Beatlefic related community here. If you feel your community is relevant, please contact a moderator to ask for permission before posting.

05.) When posting fanfic, please follow this header format:

Title: (required)
Author(s): (required)
Character(s): (required)
Rating: (required)
Warnings: (required if neccessary)
Timeframe: (optional)
Word count: (optional)
Summary: (optional)
Author Notes: (optional)

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